In cleanroom

environment, people are the most important source of contamination. The continual renewal of the epidermis produces dead cells which can be carriers of bacteria.

our cleanroom garments will keep your cleanrooms clean and your product safe. discover our extensive range of coveralls, dustcoats, hoods, facemask, booties, jackets, trousers and many more.

Union Micronclean

provides comfortable, easy-to-maintain, high-tech garments for all cleanroom classes and industries like microelectronic, Pharmaceutical, Medical, automotive, electronic and food industries. all cleanroom garments comply with the GMP ISO standards, and the design and fabric comply with the IEST-RP-CC00 3.4 standard.

Why Cleanroom Garment ?

People as source of contamination

  • We shed an average of 10 million particles a day
  • We constantly regenerate hair
  • We are also the source of microbial flora that are detached from us with skin flakes, saliva, sweat, …
  • Everything in the cleanroom can be disinfected except the operator
  Personal clothing Cleanroom coat Cleanroo coverall,
boots and hood
Sitting 448 000 142 000 14 920
Standing still 4 450 000 462 000 48 600
Walking 5 380 000 1 285 000 157 000
  • The garment is the only protection barrier between your product and the operator
  • The operator is the source of 80% of all cross contamination issues (NEBB)
  • Skin flakes, microbes, cosmetics particles, hair, textile fibre, dust