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About Us

Union Micronclean

As a joint venture between leading European workwear manufacturer Alsico Group and Saha Union PLC, we combine best practices from both companies to provide world-class products and services.

We develop, produce and supply high quality cleanroom garments, clean area garments, ESD garments and PPE to rental companies, end-users and specialised distributors.

Company Profile

Our well-skilled and enthusiastic team puts in a daily effort to meet the changing demands and specifications of our customers. A reliable partnership with both suppliers and customers enables us to ensure that all delivered goods meet the most critical standards and norms. Years of gathering validation data with our pharmaceutical customers has given us a profound knowledge of the challenging requirements of the cleanroom environment..

We follow the highest manufacturing guidelines and apply the strictest quality control standards to guarantee that our products effectively fulfill their purpose during each wear.   

Our products are specifically designed to possess all the essential properties of an effective cleanroom garment which includes particle control,  filtration efficiency, air permeability, anti-electrostatic features, and comfort. Our products are durable and offer an outstanding lifetime.

Our SGS ISO 9001:2015 certification, which we have held since November 2016, is a testament to our unrelenting commitment to providing world-class products.

Our Network Resource

  • 7000 employees worldwide design and manufacture the Alsico group work clothes. Its creations are inspired by the newest European trends and are designed by efficient software of patronage and cutting – the products suit to the different morphologies of international users.

  • With 320,000 items per week manufactured in international and integrated production sites, and its internal resource for storage Alsico group is one of the most flexible, reliable and responsive suppliers at a global level.