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Is The Business Card Dead? 16 monkey bar berlin dresscode Experts Share Their Thoughts

Here is where your visual identity kicks in and tells the story about who you are and what you stand for. Hence, businesses that can build relationships based on trust and reputation are businesses that stick around and thrive long term. If there’s a clear picture of your face on the card, they’ll remember you. In short, they are immensely critical when it comes to growing your network.

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  • Calling cards were invented in China in the 15th century to announce the impending arrival of a guest.
  • Here are five reasons why the old school business card is still important — and why you should have a pocket full of them at all times.
  • There’s still plenty of life left in this old-school format.
  • While digital communication, apps and video calls are all the rage, there’s still a strong case for physical business cards.
  • Whether or not the business card continues to be relevant, is to be seen.
  • Is it really still a good idea to print out custom cards for you and your employees?

Even in the social networking and smartphone era, they matter. The difference isn monkey bar berlin dresscode ’t that business cards are no longer relevant today, but rather that they can be leveraged in innovative ways to be more effective and provide long-term benefits. Here are a few strategies to make the most of business cards – and your professional network – in 2019.

Do People Still Use Business Cards? 4 Reasons Theyre Still Relevant

Business cards help make a lasting impression with a business prospect and help build your future. 4 – You never know where you’ll meet a potential customer. It could be at a picnic, while travelling, or at any number of social functions where you might not have your phone at the ready. If you have a business card at the ready, you’ll never miss an opportunity. Statistics and data always need context to be useful in your marketing decisions.


It’s become pretty easy for consumers to reach their favorite brands anytime. Live online chats or social media conversations have become pretty much the standard. For that reason, you should include all relevant contact details on your business cards. These include your company’s branch locations, email address, office phone number, Facebook URL, and Twitter handle.

How To Use Branding To Entice Customers Into Your Brick And Mortar Business

Having your business cards on-hand is a sure sign to both potential clients and fellow professionals that you always come prepared. An interior designer or web designer will both invest more in their business cards than for example the local grocery store. Which makes sense if you know that the design of the business card contributes to the image of this person or business.

A business card tells people you’re networking with that you’re a professional. And in many cases, a business card is still expected across a variety of industries. If you need a business card scanner with 100% accuracy, check out HiHello. Unlike other scanner apps, HiHello has a team of human-verifiers to ensure the information is correctly transcribed before it’s added to your contacts. Every time you switch jobs, get a promotion or change your email address, you need to order new business cards.

Ever since COVID-19 introduced worldwide lockdowns, more and more business networks have been established and maintained through LinkedIn, Zoom and Google Hangouts. Networking events have gone digital, and there is sufficient evidence to suggest many of these events may continue to remain digital, in full or in part, even after the lockdown is lifted. The Personal Branding Blog is part of the Small Business Trends Publisher Channel, offering branding and career advice from Dan Schawbel and his team of experts. The blog helps professionals build a powerful brand to remain competitive in the job market. Print materials that increase your sales are great for business, such as direct mail, catalogs, and posters. The point is, your business card is much more likely to be seen more than once – and more than once could mean the difference of a new client or sale.

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But why not keep a few micro thin, credit card size cards with you to events? By handing over a professional business card, you are handing over a cue to help them remember why you’re great. So, start using your business card as these little messengers for sales lead generation and advertising. All-in-all, your story needs to be coherent from end to end, ensuring you’re having branding that sticks in your prospects or clients minds. Brand consistency is key across all touch points of your business, and matters greatly in everything you do – especially your business card. That’s why it needs not only great design but a design that matches your overall brand.

Is The Business Card Dead? 16 Experts Share Their Thoughts

It shows potential clients that you’re invested in being in contact with them. Business cards have been changing the way people network and exchange contacts. However, the rapid evolution of technological space is changing the business card landscape. People are leveraging faster and paperless digital business cards to exchange contacts and networks. This brings in the obvious question as to whether business cards are still relevant in the modern world.